jqueryWe waiting a long time to see jQuery 1.3 version, and finally it is here. Now jQuery using new selector engine called Sizzle, which is 4% faster then previous engine.

What is new ?

jQuery 1.3 supports Live Events. This means that events now can be bound to all currend and future (just created) HTML elements.

Live Events example

    $("p").live("click", function(){
      $(this).after("<p>Another paragraph!</p>");

HTML injection methods like append, prepend, before, and after has been overhauled. You can use this methonds like before, but you will see that they are much faster, about 6 times faster! Also hide() and show() methods are faster about 2.5 times. Wow speed is great reason to use this improved javascript library.

There is new jQuery.Event object that is available in your event functions. Big change is there is no browser sniffing, this is not change you will see right now but is will help to jQuery last longer and without bugs.

How jQuery creators explained browser sniffing:

Browser sniffing is a technique in which you make assumptions about how a piece of code will work in the future. Generally this means making an assumption that a specific browser bug will always be there – which frequently leads to code breaking when browsers make changes and fix bugs.

There is a lot of changes, i don’t want to show all of them, i just want to tickle you. More about new jQuery 1.3 library you can find on it’s web page.

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