Small Basic

Small Basic

Programming is not easy, solving logical problems and understanding programming fundamentals can be hard if you are just a beginner. In days I started to get knowing programming world, Basic was language perfect for beginners, easy to use but it’s performances and capabilities wasn’t so powerful.

Later people who wanted to learn programming, they start with C language, this days i heard that people choose to learn c# or Java as they firs programming language. It is brave but it can be to damn difficult. Some people gave up, because they think out they can’t be good programmers, and that programming is so hard to learn, but trust me it’s not. Read the rest of this entry »

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I using ProjectPier for my team collaboration, almost one year, and i will show you it’s good and bad sides.

The Project Pier is ActiveCollab successor. ActiveCollab was free for download, but when they decided to go commercial, Project Pier team take ActiveCollab’s code and now they work on its development. In core this is still old ActiveCollab, but it is quite good.

The Project Pier features:

  • ProjectPier is solution you install on your own host, and you have absolutely control.
  • ProjectPier is created to provide easy to use solution
  • It organize dev projects into projects, milestones, Tasklist, Task and Files
  • Search project by tags
  • E-mail notifications for new Milestones, Messages, Tasklists, Tasks and Files.
  • Unlimited number of projects, tasklist and Project members
  • You can add your sponsors, stockholders into project so tehy can track project development too
  • It is free and open sourced solution

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